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The Women’s Care Center founded “Adoption By Choice” to serve children, birth families and adoptive families with compassionate care. “Adoption By Choice” is a private, Christian-based, non-profit agency licensed by the state of Pennsylvania. All medical and legal services are free.

Couples experiencing an unplanned pregnancy are able to explore their options through free, decision-making counseling provided by caring and supportive professionals. Birth parents choosing adoption for their baby are empowered to design an adoption plan that meets their individual needs.

Designing an adoption plan for their child includes selecting and meeting the adoptive family, planning the hospital stay for the baby’s birth, and creating a written design for ongoing communication through the exchange of letters and pictures or personal meetings. The baby is placed into the care of the adoptive parents directly from the hospital.

We believe that life is precious, and every child deserves a loving and nurturing home where they are celebrated and appreciated for their uniqueness.

For more information, view our main Adoption website.

Adoption By Choice

4408 Peach Street, Suite 202
Erie, PA 16509
Phone: (814) 836-9887